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These tips will help you slay a foundation-free makeup look

These tips will help you slay a foundation-free makeup look

Although foundation is often seen as a vital step in any everyday slay, it’s very possible to still be flawless with without it.

Not only is it stressful and uncomfortable to wear makeup all the time, especially in the sun or harsh weather, it’s also not healthy for the skin as it clogs the pores. From Meghan Markle to Rihanna, these ladies slay the no-makeup or foundation-free look so effortlessly.

1. Slay your hair

There is definitely a link between new hair and glow. Hence, the importance of having your hair nicely done cannot be over emphasized. Try your best to preserve your hair-do and look smart all the time.

2. Groom your eyebrows

Chances are your eyebrows are the first feature people notice when they look at your face. Make grooming your eyebrows a routine whether or not you are going to fill them in with a pencil.

3. Use lash extensions or mascara on your natural lashes

Eyelashes are an important feature in the face. They highlight the eyes which are the windows to the soul. If you have naturally long lashes, curl them and put on some mascara when you want to pull off the foundation-free look. Else, invest in some lash extensions.

4. Choice of lippie

Pick a lipstick that reflects how you’re feeling or that compliments your dressing. If you want to do without lipstick, invest in scrubbing your lips and some lip balm. Chapped lips are a no-no.

5. Pop with highlighters

A small amount of highlighter will give your skin the natural glow it just needs. Apply a bit of highlighter to your cheekbones, forehead, nose and any other place you want to focus light on.

6. Treat your skin right

Having clear skin or natural glow is the key to having a popping foundation-free look all the time.

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